Welcome to Ecoemissions Xchange

Ecoemissions Xchange (EEX) is a versatile organization with business interests in processing & supply of Agro Products & Chemicals, Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals, Hazardous Waste manufacturing and Agro Oil processing & manufacturing.

Ecoemissions Xchange supplies Zinc Ash & Dust from high grade (HG) and special high grade (SHG) zinc metal as well as from zinc secondaries.

AgrOrganix - as the name suggests, is the range of naturally processed Agricultural extracts engineered to provide the best quality Agro Nutrients & Herbal remedies to the world users.

CleanOSpill is the fastest & most effective Absorbent in the world. At least 10 times more effective than any other chemical absorbent.

Why Choose Us

So many good reasons

We understand our success is dependent on the success of each of our customers. The intellect, talent & quality are the core pillars of the organization. With the focus on these pillars, our international team of global experts is constantly looking out to develop, innovate & deliver high quality products to our ever growing clientele.

Being No. 1 is not a mission, but a passion. Passion to innovate, excel & deliver the products that leave our clients in awe of the quality. We aim to be the best in every product category we venture into and that is evident from our Zinc port-folio. In a short span we have become the largest suppliers of Zinc Ash in the world and by 2017, Our AgrOrganix range of organic products & CleanOSpill Super Absorbent will be No. 1 in their category.

Jonathan Swift famously said
“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”. That sums up our vision. As the business world is fast reaching a saturation point when it comes to innovations & ideas, our vision is to be known as an organization that constantly comes up with product innovations & services that brings great value to the community.

We as a company believe in taking the difficult path as the easier way is always busy with the organizations that are trying to go nowhere. Our philosophy of Innovations & Strategic Products is backed by the enthusiasm to come up with the portfolio that not only reap profits for the company, but also make our customer & the community the beneficiary stakeholder of our profits.

Ecoemissions Xchange is an Advisory, Trading and Supply Chain Management firm active in global commodity & emission trading markets. Our strategic focus is to provide value to the various stakeholders in the global trading industry by providing a unified platform for all their trades, supply chain strategies and high value transactions.

We strive to be the acknowledged global leaders and preferred partners in helping our clients succeed in making their business globally local business.

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