Zinc Ash

Zinc market scenario presents opportunities to create new and better products. It also has the potential to improve assessment, management, and prevention of environmental risks. However, we can understand that zinc element and its properties are vital for human life whether it is health, infrastructure, agriculture and various life processes are dependent on its existence in ecology.

Zinc ash is a raw material used for the preparation of micro nutrients for the soil. These are soil conditioners.

What is Zinc Ash?

  • Zinc ash is oxidized zinc that forms on the surface of molten zinc metal.
  • The ash (see photo) consists of a powdery material (the ash proper) and solid metallic pieces of an irregular shape.
  • There are other products called zinc dross, zinc skimmings, zinc top dross or zinc oxide. In the galvanizing industry, the term zinc ash prevails and is widely used.

Where does it come from?

  • Zinc ash usually arises from hot dip galvanizing or other zinc coating processes.• The ash is removed from the top of galvanizing baths by skimming or straining.

Where does it go?

  • There are several major companies that process or recycle zinc ash.
  • Some companies mechanically separate the metallic zinc from the ash.
  • Another one blends the zinc ash to make agricultural grade zinc oxide.
  • The metallics are re-used in galvanizing and other processes.
  • Some others smelt both processed ashes and unprocessed ash to recover the zinc in metallic form.

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